TBD Fall Collection

A few ideas to make the most of our fall collection.

Tintype Pet Nat: the food friendly wine

Impress your friends with a fancy dinner party

Have this wine chilled (not too cold) and ready for:

  • After pressing send on your last email. Throw together a grazing board that looks expertly crafted before friends arrive. Grab some ingredients for a seasonal cheeseboard. A few expert tips:
    • Choose cheeses with a variety of textures and tastes. We love an aged Gouda and almost always have cheddar on hand as a crowd-pleaser that keeps well in the fridge. Couple with a soft brie or smelly option for the adventurous.
    • Fold larger meats like a deck of cards and layer smaller pieces of salami flat on the edge of the board to create a border: “How to make a salami river”
    • Fill out the middle of your board with seasonal accoutrements such as figs, dried cranberries or persimmons. 
  • The night you decide to cook dinner for everyone. Yikes! Make Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken - it seems intimidating at first but it’s quite easy. Whole chicken + salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil + veggies and about an hour in the oven and voila you are a gourmet chef. Take things to the next level and create a neutral tablescape using linens from Local PHL Market
  • Something sweet. You can’t go wrong with apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream!

      BioKult Naken: the ultra-versatile wine

      Take advantage of a warm end of summer/early fall day!

      Craving something dry? Open this bottle for:

      • An Oktoberfest-themed spread. The winemakers describe this one as “a beer lover's orange wine” and it’s not too far from a Belgian wheat - so why not assemble a full Oktoberfest-themed spread? Pretzels, sausage, pickles, a pub cheese dip and you’re all set. If you’re willing to splurge, you can order 16 soft Bavarian-style pretzels from Sigmund’s Pretzels to your home.
      • An empty stomach. This wine works well with non-food related activities as well. Grab some friends and fun games - we like Qwirkle, Chronology, or good ol’ Uno. Badminton if you’re feeling more active :) 
      • A warm end of summer/early fall day. Head to your favorite outdoor spot and enjoy!
        • SF: Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach, Dolores Park, Alamo Square
        • PHL: Clark Park (visit on Saturday for the Farmer’s Market), Washington Square Park (Stop into Talula’s Daily for carrot cake or a miso salmon salad), Penn Treaty Park

      Yeasteria Pinky Promise: the date night / self-care wine 

      Treat yourself to a relaxing self-care night 

      Pop this pink wine for: 

      • An evening to yourself. Pick a good book or something fun on your streaming service of choice. Some of our favorites include...
        • Books: Liane Moriarty and Kristin Hannah novels
        • TV: Ted Lasso, White Lotus 
        • Podcasts: Armchair Expert, My Favorite Murder, 30 for 30 (ESPN)
      • A comfort meal. Order in your favorite pizza or if you’re feeling more ambitious, make a slow-cooked bolognese  or fall-inspired pizza.
      • An early bedtime. Go to bed early and feel great the next morning… even if you finished the whole bottle :)


      Larissa and Sarah

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