Meet the Winemaker: Erik Miller, Breaking Bread

One of the things we love most about Pet Nat: it's made with love by artisans who are passionate about their craft. Read on to meet Erik Miller or Healdsburg-based Breaking Bread, featured in our Summer 2021 collection

Tell us a little bit about your background 

I started at the ground floor working as a cellar intern during harvest. I quickly fell in love with wine production and have been in the industry ever since. I started Kokomo Winery in 2004 with a single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Breaking Bread Winery in 2018, as I sought to understand winemaking from a different, more natural perspective.

What was your first experience with Pet Nat?

My first experience with Pet Nat was a visit to the Donkey & Goat tasting room in Berkeley.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy Pet Nat?

I love Pet Nat on a warm summer evening while I’m barbecuing and hanging out with family. And it is always great poolside!

Any wishes for the wine industry over the next few years?

My main wish is that us small family wineries will be able to find our space among corporate wineries, particularly on restaurant menus. It would be amazing to see a co-op or some sort of community form so that we can advocate for ourselves and one another.

 Any other wise words to share?

Wine is a natural product in the first place. It was only in the past 50-100 years that additives and commercial yeast were introduced. I have come to realize that adding anything to fermentation takes away from the wine. I use native yeast in both of brands and find them to be not only effective, but how they allow for a more pure expression of terroir.

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