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What is Pet Nat?

Imagine Champagne without the pretense and you’ve got the wine of the moment: Pet Nat is short for Petilliant Naturel, literally "natural sparkling" in French.

- Bon Appetit

About our wine

Why is there limited availability? Because our winemakers are artisans. They craft their wine to align with some or all of the following qualities:

(1) organic, grown without the use of artificial chemicals

(2) made using traditional winemaking processes

(3) low intervention, little to no additives, preservatives, added sugars or prefabricated yeasts.

This category of wine is generally called natural wine. If you're new to natural wine, let us guide you. If you're a fan of natural wine, then you already know all the above. But what you don't always know is how, why, when and where to enjoy your bottle of wine.

Our club ships 3 bottles every 3 months, along with tasting guides to help you make the most of every bottle.

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